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s more quickly and deeply than ever before.An insurance pay-out helped pay for a replacement telescope, far better than scienti▓sts had dreamt of.Professor Brian Schmidt of Skymapper Lead Scientist, sai▓d, "The discovery of everything from finding new planets ike Pluto, to finding the most distant objects in the Universe, and everything in between."But the project ha▓s been moved out of

Canberra, as a result of the increasing interference from the city's lights.It's now located▓ in the small town of Coonabarabran in northwest New ▓South Wales.WASHINGTON, June 2 (Xinhua) -- Penguin poo (guano) stains, visible from space, have helped British scientists locate emperor penguin breeding colonies in Antarctica. Knowing their location provides a baseline for monitoring their response to environmental change, according to a new study publish

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journal Global Ecology and Biogeography.In t▓he new study, scientists from British A


ntarctic Survey (BAS)describe how▓ they used satellite images to survey the sea-ice around 90 perce▓nt of Antarctica's coast to search for emperor penguin colonies. The survey identified a total of 38. Ten of those were new. Of the previously known co▓lonies six had re-located and six were not found.Becau▓se emperor penguins breed on sea-ice during the Antarctic winter little is known about their colonies. Reddish brown patches of guano on the ice,▓ vis

ible in satellite images, provide a reliable indication of their location.BAS mapping expert Peter Fretwell explains "We can't see actual penguins on the satellite maps because the resolution isn't good enough. But during the breedi▓ng season the birds stay at a colony for eight months. The ice gets pretty dirty and it's the guano stains that we▓ can see."Emperor penguins spend a large part of their lives at sea. During the Antarctic winter when temper

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ion size. Using satellite images combined with counts▓ of penguin numbers puts us in a much better position to monitor future population changes over time."This research builds o▓n work by French scientists who extensively studied one colony and found the population was at significant risk from climate change. The six colonies not found in this study were

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at a similar latitude suggesting that emperor penguins may be at risk all around Antarctica.The Ministry of Railway says a new train operation schedule will go into effect starting from the beginning of next▓ month. This is the biggest adjustment since the sixth one last April for s

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